Upcoming Releases:

Pandemonium: Devourer of the Lost (May 2017)

Immortal: Reckoning (The Immortal Chronicles, Book 2) (Summer 2017)

Pandemonium #3 (Summer 2017)

One King For All Mankind (Fall 2017)

(A Series of Ends, Book 2)(Winter 2017)

Immortal #3 (Spring 2017)

Game Over (A Series of Ends, Book 1)

A reluctant hero is thrust into the do-or-die game, No-Life. His first priority is saving his own skin– not saving the universe!

Game Over provides the reader with the unique opportunity to interact with the story as they progress through the Game. How would you play the role dealt to you by fate?

Immortal: Curse of the Deathless

Asher Hearst is a college student, and the closest thing he has to a superpower is his ability to take a punch. Other than that, all he really has going for him is fifty shades of humor– well, that and the little bit about not being able to die. Immortality comes with a few perks after all.

Pandemonium: Devourer of Souls

Pandemonium: Devourer of Souls is a short dark fantasy with a satirical side to it. Tired of the same old cliched hero? You’re in luck. You won’t find many people, human or otherwise, that fill the bill of a hero in Pandemonium. You will find, however, goddesses, immortals, demons, humans and other unmentionables in the underworld streets.

Immortal: Reckoning

Immortal: Reckoning (The Immortal Chronicles, Book 2).

A sneak peek can be found at the end of Immortal: Curse of the Deathless.

Launch: October/November.

More specific dates and deadlines will follow as I progress through the writing process.

The Seven

The Seven (Fist of Light Series, Book 1)

Synopsis: Caleb Holden is a seventeen-year-old superhuman growing up in fictional San Francisco. Although his story is of a troubled teen who was forced to grow up fast, he tends to overthink things and use too many big words. When he develops strange powers and the amulet he wears begins to talk, his life is thrown for a loop. The series of events that follow will eventually lead him to his destiny.


Leviathan (The First of Light Series, Book 2)

Synopsis: Caleb Holden is a superhuman teen living in San Francisco. He may have learned to control the elements, but fire and brimstone continue to fall on his life. Whether it’s vampires, werewolves, gladiator-style arena battles, or the Leviathan, a monster of cosmic proportions— Caleb just can’t catch a break. It’s a good thing Caleb knows how to roll with the punches, because the light at the end of the tunnel is a long ways off.

Pandemonium: Devourer of the Lost

Pandemonium: Devourer of the Lost picks up where Devourer of Souls left off. It’s the second title in the Pandemonium mini-series and is due out in October 2016. More details coming soon.