Parent page for Author Resources, which includes everything from editing, cover design, and my review policy for indie authors.

Cover Design

Dave is a very talented artist in a time when most people have forgotten the difference between illustrators and graphic designers. Every time I look at his work, Dave reminds me what true artistry looks like. For those of you interested in buying some of his goodies or procuring his services, head on over to his website, by clicking the pictures below, or here.

Review Policy

Interested authors should continue on to my Review Policy.

Formatting Services

There are a lot of formatting services out there, and some of them are even free (see Calibre)– but there’s a world of difference between professional and amateur formatting. Five plus years ago, I found this out firsthand when I tried to use the formatting applications of the day to create something that looked “right.” After I found my skills were better suited for writing than formatting, I found Hitch and her team at… and haven’t looked back. If you’ve got the extra money to spare for professional formatting services, I’d recommend you do the same.