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I’m Derek Edgington, and I graduated Magna Cum Laude from LMU in LA on May 7, 2016 with a Bachelors in Business Administration: Entrepreneurship. Sarcasm is my stock and trade; I’m a practitioner of all shades. Pretty much all the way from Fourth Grade onwards, you could find me with a book in hand. Ironically, this was a few years after my parents were told I had a reading disability. In high school I eventually traded in print books for ebooks, mostly because it was sneakier and could be read more easily during class. Although I self-published two books before I went to college (The Seven & Leviathan), I didn’t publish any full-length titles during my time in University. Publishing Immortal: Curse of the Deathless marks my return to the publishing world. For the next few years, I plan to give the starving artist routine a run for its money— and I’m determined to succeed in the marketplace as an indie author. The author photo I’m including this time around is one that I feel is quintessential: with feet hanging over the edge and friends along for the ride, I’m putting myself back out there.