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Asher Hearst is a college student, and the closest thing he has to a superpower is his ability to take a punch. Other than that, all he really has going for him is fifty shades of humor– well, that and the little bit about not being able to die. Immortality comes with a few perks after all.

As a small-time fixer, he’s about to get involved in a job best left to more experienced hands. Even though he knows there isn’t any turning back, he goes all-in from the get-go once witches and the supernatural are involved.

While Asher becomes immersed in the secret world of the supernatural, he makes few allies and somevery powerful enemies. At the very least traveling across space and time should put him on a path towards a promising new future and maybe even some unexpected romance. Yeah, right.

Immortal: Curse of the Deathless is an action-packed, dark and gritty comedy with a dash of horror. Over its three parts, the book spans across a contemporary, urban setting, as well as Tír na nÓg, a land that’s home to the Fae (Sídthe) from classic Celtic Mythology.

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